Harga Yang ada kat Pasaran

5 Important Facts
Why Can Do This Business

A) Goods of small but broad market Example: Button shirt and teeth penyungkil
(market value of hundreds of millions)
2) The product of extraordinary Advantages of products: the copyright (patent)
Price advantages: can be compared in the market
Quality: can see and feel
3) Easy to do Easy to say, duplicatable for ordinary people, even professionals
4) Can be operated part-time No need to leave your current job
Can work with competitors
5) Business stability Used by customers for 20-30 years
Repeated use of

So I Profit General, Acting First!

Product Demo Watch a spectacular only in the past 10 minutes

Women's Anion sanitary only one of the world's only dihakciptakan (Patent / Halal)

Business Package Winalite

Beginning with the Model RM268 and
Potential income exceeding RM100, 000 a month?

It is not possible because there are members who have reached the weekly income of the following:
09/24/2007 - RM 118,043.10
10/01/2007 - RM 113,165.10
08/10/2007 - RM 115,949.70
15/10/2007 - RM 115,421.40
22/10/2007 - RM 120,527.10
10/29/2007 - RM 115,593.30
11/05/2007 - RM 118,615.50
19/11/2007 - RM 117,838.80
11/26/2007 - RM 116,161.20
03/12/2007 - RM 117,857.70
You have to see how the market potential of pads and how women changed to REQUIRED Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkin to ensure their health protected.
Every successful business requires a fourth thing
Capital, Client, Office & Monthly Sales
Retail Store
Business Winalite
  1. Capital
RM200, 000
RM20, 000
RM268 *
 2. Customer
Customer 5
 3. Branch
High Cost
High Cost
No Cost
 4. Monthly Sales
RM228 only
* You will receive a package worth RM268 Winalite products

Your selection Winalite

  • Products are unique with cutting edge technology
  • Products to help men - prostate problems
  • Patented for the international market
  • Product needs of women - just change the brand
  • Suitable for all races and religions
  • Minimum service after sale
  • Easy to market
  • Easy and simple duplicatable
  • Repeat sales fast
  • Less competition
  • Market existing
  • No risk

Business concept - 4 Steps Wisely

Perform a minimum purchase of RM268 as a registration
Introducing a product to two to five partners in a week *
* Not necessarily a week - this is only one target
Duplication! Make sure your friends do the same thing that is Step 1 & 2
Monthly Sales
RM228 to buy their own use or sale
You can start this business with participation in the following package:
Membership Package
Initial capital
Total Set
Point Value (PV)
A set
RM1, 340
5 sets
RM3, 216
12 sets
RM8, 040
30 sets
Members package will determine the maximum amount of income the weekly performance bonus (bonus multiplier) obtained by the fit for each group under it.
Membership Package
Maximum Limit Performance Bonus
"Carry Over"
USD2, 000
USD5, 000
USD1, 500
USD6, 000
USD15, 000
USD6, 250
USD25, 000
USD62, 500
USD10, 000
USD40, 000
USD100, 000
Each one (1) set of Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkin has:

(1Pack-Day is 10Pad = RM15)

(1Pack-night there 8Pad = RM15)

(1Pack-Panty Liner is 30Pad = RM18)

19 Pap Smear Test Card - FREE

 10Siang, 4Malam, 5Pantiliner & Personals 19Alat Test (RM270 - Non-Member)

EXCEPT FROM pads ... (Shampoo the Most Effective)

Do you have any problems gray hair, berkelimumur, hair loss and other hair problems? and want to get back to the black hair style and free from the problems of other hair? I have a very effective product, only takes 10-20 minutes.

Made from herbal plants as healthy hair
Essence: Made from natural ingredients. Proved the effectiveness of more than 6x the other hair shampoo in the market.

Effectiveness / Benefits:

1-Really easy to use anywhere, regardless of the time. Only 10-20 minutes after the use of light. Black hair stands out from the root to the tips of hair.

2-A combination penghitam hair, hair vitamins and hair conditioner. Eliminating Dandruff and itching scalp. Consistent and sustainable use of giving you the hair and scalp healthy.

3-Have International Halal Certification and the Insured of RM1 million. User Muslims do not have to hesitate with this product.

Winalite Global Marketing Plan

You can expect:
  1. Profit Retail (Retail Profit)
  2. Bonus Sponsorship (Sponsoring Bonus)
  3. Performance Bonus (Bonus Multiplier)
  4. Leadership Bonus (Leadership Bonus)

Bonus Payments

Weekly payments and currency U.S. Dollar (USD). The company will convert the GBP to USD in foreign currency exchange rates obtained from Reuters prior to deposit into your bank account or by check.

Imagine the value of your bonus RM, if the foreign currency exchange rates USD higher than the USD?

Retail Profit

10 Day RM15.00/pkt
4 Nights RM15.00/pkt
5 PantyLiner RM18.00/pkt
1 box = 19 Wrap
= 19 Card Test
= 50 PV
First purchase of RM268.00
Retail RM300.00
Profit RM32.00 / box

Bonus Sponsorship (Sponsoring Bonus) - 15%

Sponsorship bonuses depending on the membership package, funded as follows.
 Silver Package
 Gold Package
 Platinum Package
 Diamond Package
RM1, 200
Bonuses are paid weekly on every fifth week of the week sponsorship.

Performance Bonus (Bonus Multiplier) - 10%

The calculation is based on the structure of the matrix 5 x 5. Each private sponsorship than five people will be joined (Spill over) to the network below.
Bonus based on cumulative PV (infinite world) in one week for each group. Minimum 2 and maximum of five groups. Bonus paid in the next week.

Leadership Bonus (Leadership Bonus) - 10%

Personal Sponsorship
1 -2 people
3 -4 people
5 & over the
 Level 1
 Level 2
 Level 3
Each private sponsorship will be the first level. Unlimited sponsorships and bonuses will be paid in the next week. Overriding the lower range depending on the number of private sponsorship.

Auto Maintain

Repeat purchase is only made when the dealer collects 150PV (or above) in 4 weeks, respectively. Naturally, the system will deduct RM228 from your bonus amount for maintenance. In a period of four consecutive weeks, the bonus will be deducted when the system has only one rejection 150PV made within four weeks. Continuous cycle calculation method used if 150PV not be achieved at 1,2,3,4 weeks of the new calculation will start at 2,3,4,5 weeks for the next round.

Budget (Silver) - Duplicate 5 week

Assume that each individual joined Silver Package RM268 and introduce 5 friends a week.
Based on the sponsorship of five a week
Budget Week to 12 - RM708, 136!
Based on the sponsorship of five a month
Budget Month 12 - RM708, 136!
Based on the sponsorship of five a day
Budget day to 12 - RM708, 136!
You set your own targets ... ...
(Note: All scenarios profits subject to the terms and conditions set out in the marketing plan and an example of the profit plans and not intended to reflect the income will be available. Real income depends entirely on your efforts to build networks and sales)